Meraki Percussion Cast Members 2020-2021 Fees REDUCED!

October 31, 2020

As we continue to revisit the performance opportunities with WGI and WGASC/ADLA, we are able to reduce our fees for the 2020-2021 season. The Percussion Management Staff kept SAFETY as a priority while giving the cast members a great experience at a reduced cost to the individual members. Instead of a traditional production, we have developed exciting projects to allow percussionists to come together with their friends and DRUM! We are going to keep auditions open until all of our spots are filled.

We are seeing an opportunity that will reshape the indoor percussion activity for the future and we wanted to be one of the trendsetters. The RCPA Board of Directors would like to thank the Percussion Management Staff for finding a valuable way to keep the activity alive at a reduced cost. Together, we will be successful!

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