Royal Cavaliers Winds 2020-2021 Season UNDERWAY!

November 5, 2020

After several months of the COVID19 Pandemic, WGI and WGASC/ADLA were both able to develop a new competition platform for the 2021 Season. Our Administration and the Educational Staff collaborated for months on how to provide a SAFE and exciting experience for our Cast Members. The ensemble will adhere to ALL Local, State and CDC Safety Guidelines when holding in person rehearsals and competitions.

Since WGI World Championships are cancelled for the upcoming season, we are considering to compete in a Winter Guard Arizona (WGA) if the conditions are safe enough to take the ensemble to the Phoenix Area in the Spring 2021. AGAIN, this will only happen IF the conditions are safe enough to travel.

As for the 2021 production, Jonathan Zuniga will soon be putting the finish touches on the original music and Steven Estudillo is hard at work designing the custom floor and costumes for our unique production.

After all of these updates and changes, we were able to reduce the Cast Member's fees to $995. and still provide a world-class experience. It is now time for prospective Cast Members to sign up for our upcoming workshops/clinics that will be held December 6 & 13, 2020. Please visit our auditions page to complete the registration process and download the workshops material.

We would like thank everyone in advance for your support as we continue to provide opportunities for the community. If you would like to volunteer with the ensemble, please send an email to and let us what area you would like to volunteer.

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