interested in auditioning for meraki?

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Clinic #1

October 11, 2020 - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Diamond Ranch High School
100 Diamond Ranch Rd,
Pomona, CA 91766

Clinic #2

October 18, 2020 - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Diamond Ranch High School
100 Diamond Ranch Rd,
Pomona, CA 91766

how to register for auditions

After you have read all the posted information about our very talented ensemble and reviewed the calendar, you are now ready to follow the steps below to complete your registration.

Step 1

COMPLETE our audition interest form

Please click on the box below and fill out the Interest Form completely. It is important that you fill in your Date of Birth (DOB) in the following format (mm/dd/yyyy). Your phone number must be in the following format (xxx-xxx-xxxx).


Step 2

pay your audition fee

Please click on the box below to pay your $40 registration fee online. Please keep a copy of your receipt and bring your receipt to the audition clinic to show proof of payment.



Step 3

Download your audition materials

Now that you have completed Steps 1 and 2, you can click on the box below to download the material prior to attending the auditions clinic. There will be NO audition material made available at the clinics.

batteryfront ensemble

Step 3

join meraki percussion social channels

In order to keep up with the most up-to-date information regarding changes to the workshops dates, times or process, please join our Facebook Interest Group. Click on the box below to request to join the interest group.

ensemble fb

Step 4

attend your audition experience

During the clinics, there will be a good chance there will be more people auditioning than spots available in the ensemble. We want to make sure you are informed of the audition process, to keep your mind at ease, so you can fully enjoy the educational experience being offered and concentrate on your audition. Attend the workshops and enjoy your time! Come prepared with a positive attitude, meet new people, and take in as much information as you can during the clinics.


  • At The Royal Cavaliers Performing Arts we do not utilize a traditional “cut” system when auditioning members. We believe each participant should fully enjoy the clinics. At the end of the clinics, you will meet with the instructors and be given a number rating of 1, 2, or 3.

  • During the clinics, you will be evaluated on and will need to be able to demonstrate the following:
    1. A desire to be in the organization. A great attitude and the ability to take instruction are invaluable.
    2. The skills required to be in the ensemble.
    3. Commitment to the rehearsal schedule. You need to be in attendance.
    4. Ability to pay tuition. We strive to keep our tuition lower than most other organization, but we need your commitment to meet your financial obligation in a timely manner.

  • Royal Cavaliers Performing Arts does not provide transportation to clinics. You are responsible for your travel arrangements for clinics, rehearsals and local shows.

what to bring to auditions

  • If possible, you are encouraged to bring your own instrument sticks/mallets and a practice pad. Front ensemble equipment will be provided for the clinics. The Organization owned instruments will not be issued out until the rehearsals starts and contracts are executed.

  • Please be sure to wear athletic type clothing (t-shirt and shorts) and tennis shoes during your time at the clinics. This will help for mobility during any stretch exercises and visual portions of the clinics.Please avoid wearing jeans or other clothing that may be restraining.

  • Please bring audition material, water, towel and a GREAT ATTITUDE!

member eligibility

membership eligibility

  • We accept both male and female between the ages of 16 - 22.

  • All applicants under the age of 18 must have their parent’s and the Band Director’s (if still in high school) written permission to become a cast member.

  • Applicants who still have an outstanding balance with another organization may not become a cast member until their balance is paid off.

expectations as a member of meraki percussion

  • If you receive a contract please make sure you sign and return all forms and Membership Fee to your personal consultation with a RCPA Representative.

  • Be able to pay your 2020-2021 fees and participate in the mandatory fundraiser

  • Attend all rehearsals and shows. If you have to miss a rehearsal, please get approval prior to be being absent.

post-audition information

You will receive full instructions at the end of the clinics in becoming a Meraki Percussion Cast Member. If you are not offered a spot in the ensemble, the Educational and/or Administration Staff will either explain to you your areas of deficiencies in person or via email, depending on the number of candidates that were not offered a spot. This will be announced at the beginning of the clinics.

financial obligations

All FEES go directly to the ensemble's operations. Listed Below are covered by your fees:
– Educational Staff, Production, Rehearsal Sites, Costume and Administration.
- WGI Finals includes: RT Airfare, Lodging and Ground Transportation.
– All Membership Fees are nonrefundable once a contract has been executed.
– If a member withdraws after their contract is executed, member must submit a withdrawal form and must be current with all fees before being released from the ensemble.
- If the season is needed due to external factors, a refund/credit issued to the individual member.

audition fees

The audition fee of $40 is NONREFUNDABLE and shall be paid in advance if possible or at Check-In.


ALL members are required to meet the minimum amount that is stated in the Cast Member Contract. Any additional amount raised will be applied to the members account which will reduce their financial obligations for the current year.

Fee schedule

The 2020-2021 Percussion Cast Member fee is $2,075. Visual Ensemble Cast Member fee is $1,750. Below are the options to pay your fees: