The story of an unidentified tribe who are bound to serve "The Spire". Like prisoners, the tribe has been stripped of their culture, their rights, and their identity. All they have left to cling to are their memories and will power of who they used to be. Whenever the spire activates, the tribe is forced to fall in the line and conform to its call, forcing the tribe to forget who they are. 

As the spire deactivates, the tribe is temporarily released from its control.After being released, they recall the events that led to the aftermath. By the end, the tribe remembers that they were once proud warriors. They rise up and not only breakfree from the spire's control, but also reclaim their IDΞИTITУ. 

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

meet the cast


Nick Ezpeleta
Kevin Kong
Alejandro Macias
Rebekah Moran
Giustino Paternostro
Ian Rasmussen
Eliceo Villalobos
Ben Wilson


Jehan Bhandari
Dylan Fisher
Allen Loshon
Joshua Stukenborg


Daniel Arriaga
Samuel Figueroa
Irene Park
Mitchi Phung
Reid Shimabukuro


Waldo Duarte
Grace Gomez
Ky Kim
David Marquez
Katherine Pham

Front Ensemble/Rhythm Section

Artem Bogusevich
Ashley Chan
Stella Cortez
Emmanuel Dominguez
Isaac Elguea
Jordan Herendeen
Vincent Ho
David Lopez
Joshua Sage
Vada Seclen
Sofia Vaides
Lizabeth Warriner

Visual Ensemble

Desirae Key
Kimberly Murillo
Alvaro Rios
Cassandra Serrano
Isaac Stoudmire
Christen Wroth