AUM - The Sound of the Universe


Aum symbol is one of the most sacredsymbols in Hinduism. It symbolizes the Sound ofUniverse, the original sound of the first echo when the universe was createdand the light came on and presented itself everywhere. The Ensō symbolizesabsolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void).Fusing the two creates the most powerful MANTRA ever. 

If you sit still, and let the mind befree, you will hear the sound of AUM, like a distant cosmic hum. Listen withinyou; it’s not outside you, it is you. 

When Aum is part of our mantra, such as inPrimordial Sound Meditation, we experience the fully expanded level ofcreation, attuning our individual souls to the Ultimate Reality.

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Isaac Arredondo                                  
Kallel Mills        
Isaac Montaño  
Matthew Oslund


Ethan Linchangco
Yaneisi Tapia


Julius Acdan
Victor Ruiz


Lionel Cabanas
Nicholas Dollberg
Cameron Korving
Randall Mund

soprano Sax

Sammy Knapp


Andes Lee


Gisselle Alvarado
Jonathan Lam
Humberto Guerra Zepeda


Xavier Jacinto