About rcpa

The Royal Cavaliers Performing Arts is a nonprofit organization that serves as an extension of the local band programs and private music lessons in Pomona and the surrounding communities. We currently offer three indoor competitive ensembles under our parent organization. Meraki Percussion Zoetic Color Guard, and Quixotic Winds all compete locally and nationally in the Independent Open Class Divisions. Under our strategic plan, we have plans to expand and offer additional ensembles in the near future.

The organization's professional design team and educational team develops the members into well rounded performers and leaders. As a result of the valuable education received, our members also develop their leadership skills. Our members with these new skill sets will go on to interact with beginning musicians in the community and become educators.

The Royal Cavaliers Performing Arts is dedicated to bringing individuals together with diverse backgrounds and interests with a desire to perform and educate the community through the art of “Performance Theatre”. This outcome is achieved through discipline, teamwork, commitment to work and commitment to excellence.

mission statement

Our Mission is to preserve the past accomplishments, history and performances of former and current groups. In addition, the mission is to provide leadership, logistical, and financial support for current groups. Provide the opportunity for teenagers and young adults to participate in a competitive visual performing arts activity, while creating positive life experiences for all whom participate.


Our Goal is to give each member the opportunity to come together with other youth such as themselves that are highly motivated, and have a strong desire to pursue excellence and perform at the peak of their potential. Membership can prove to be one of the most unforgettable and rewarding experiences of their lifetime. Provide financial support for related performances.